Evangelistic work in Uduppiddy was started in 1827

andthe Church in Uduppiddy was recognized in 1847

Bishop with other Officers (Rev. I. Rajkumar, Secretary, JDCSI and Mr. Arul Joseph, Treasurer), Mr. S.R. Jesupalan, Pension Fund Treasurer cum Property Officer accompanied by the new Pastor the Rev. K.S. Joseph visited the JDCSI Church in Uduppiddy on Monday, 26th May 2008 following the retirement of the Rev. V.N. Tharmakulasingham on 21st May 2008.  




He had a meeting with the leaders of the church and explained to them the plans he has for the church. As a token of his goodwill gesture Bishop pledged to do the painting of the Church on behalf of his family in rememberance of his mother Lydia Chellammah Thiagarajah who was born in Uduppiddy.

AMGHS, Uduppiddy



Among those present for discussion were Mrs. R. Kuddithamby(nee Ranjitham Paul), Principal of American Mission Girls' School and Ms. Rajaratnam (daughter of late Rev. & Mrs. E.D. Rajaratnam), Vice-Principal.


Parish Hall and

Bishop welcoming the Principal and Vice-Principal of AMGHS, Uduppiddy


Bishop in dicussion with Mr. Solomon & Mr. Lindon Thevarajah,

Senior members of the Church and Mr. S.R. Jesupalan, Property Officer & the Rev.K.S. Joseph, new Pastor


Church focuses on educational needs


Church focuses on educational needs

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